Friday, October 15, 2021

Operation Bailey Wedding (The Baileys #3.5), by Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne, July 2019

Holly Radcliffe and Austin Bailey are getting married, and it's going to be a very big wedding in a small town, Lake Starlight. That's because the Bailey family consists of nine siblings, their grandmother, Dori, and the siblings' significant others. It's a family that knows everyone and has had a large impact, and Austin Bailey, the oldest sibling, is the first to get married.

This is a lot of people to manage in a novella, but overall, it works.

Austin is a science teacher at the high school, and the coach of the school baseball team. They've never had a good enough record to go to the state competition, but this year, as the wedding closes in on them, the team is winning, and clearly headed for that state competition. If they do go, it will coincide with what's supposed to be his and Holly's honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

Sister Savannah is temporarily sharing a house with brother Denver and his best friend Liam--and there is both an obvious attraction between Liam and Savannah, and a hostility they haven't explained to anyone else.

Denver, usually a nice guy, is being an absolute jerk to his twin brother, Rome, who is living with Harley. Rome and Harley have two children, one just a few months old, and Denver may be jealous, That jealousy isn't so much about Harley, but about the fact that Rome has a family, and Denver doesn't even have a prospect.

Brooklyn has been living with Wyatt for a while. They've just moved into a house they've bought together, and she's hoping Wyatt will propose.

Somehow, I have failed to mention that Austin and Bailey have two little dogs,  They are generally well-behaved, but yes, even well-behaved dogs can disrupt high-stress preparations for a big event, if you don't remember to close the right doors. 

This is a novella, with a lot of characters who get viewpoint chapters, so it's important to know that if you keep reading, it will come together and make sense. The bonus is that the dogs, Myles and Daisy, do get their own viewpoint chapter!

It's sweet and fun, and I liked the characters.

I bought this novella.

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