Thursday, October 7, 2021

Into the Land of the Unicorns (The Unicorn Chronicles #1), by Bruce Coville (author, narrator), David Baker (narrator), Karel Blakeley (narrator), Daniel Bostick (narrator), Ryan Canning (narrator), Alex Dolbear (narrator), Shirley Fenner (narrator), Tim Fox (narrator), Kate Huddleston (narrator), Michael Larkin (narrator), Mimi Mead (narrator), Lauren Synger (narrator)

Full Cast Audio, ISBN 9781934180907, 2009 (original publication 1994)

Cara and her grandmother, whom she has lived with since her mother died and her father left, are on their way home from the library when they realize they are being followed. Cara is surprised and frightened when her grandmother agrees they are really being followed--and that the man is a threat. It's not long before Cara, wearing her grandmother's special necklace, is standing at the top of a bell tower, about to follow Grandma's instructions to wait for the the twelfth toll of the bell, call out "Luster, bring me home," and jump.

She does it, and finds herself in a magical new world.

Luster is a magical place, and she meets magical, wonderful creatures, especially the unicorn, Lightfoot, and Dimblethum, a hairy creature who looks to be somewhere between a man and a bear. Unfortunately, the hunter who was following her and her grandmother has also managed to follow her across, and nasty creatures called Delvers are helping him hunt her. He's after the necklace, or rather amulet, that her grandmother gave her, and wants to use it to bring other hunters--other unicorn hunters--to Luster to wipe out the unicorns.
Cara needs to reach the Queen of the unicorns, to bring a message from her grandmother, and to keep  the amulet safe. Along the way, she meets Grimwold the dwarf and recorder of unicorn stories, Thomas the Tinker who can fix almost anything and has a truly impressive wagon, and Firethroat the dragon.

It's a great children's adventure, and Cara is a very believable young girl, brave and smart and quite believably scared by some of the things she encounters and experiences. It's a lot of fun. Recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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