Monday, October 11, 2021

Companions to the Moon, by Charles de Lint

Triskell Press, ISBN 978920623145, April 2012 (original publication Realms of Fantasy, June 2007)

Record shop owner Mary is beginning to suspect that her common law partner, a rock musician named Edric, is being unfaithful. They've been together seven years, and there's always been something a bit mysterious about him; it's part of what attracted her. Yet recently, they're doing household chores separately that they've always done together. He says it's more "efficient." She misses that feeling of togetherness. He's not bringing someone home when she's working; there's no sign of that. He also doesn't seem to have been with anyone but his usual friends when he's been out and comes home.

But something's wrong, and she finally looks at his schedule.

Every out of town gig that Edric has, is at the time of the full moon.

Something is definitely going on. But she still thinks it's another woman, and it's something much stranger. (Not werewolves either.)

This is a short story about love, trust, relationships, and secrets that can change lives. It is, as with all de Lint stories, just about perfect.


I bought this short story.

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