Monday, May 24, 2021

2021 Hugo Voter Packet Best Fan Writer Finalist Cora Buhlert, by Cora Buhlert

Pegasus Pulp Publications, May 2021

Hugo season is upon us, the finalists have been announced, and there's a Hugo Voters Packet in preparation--but Cora Buhlert, one of the finalists for Best Fan Writer, has decided to make her contribution to the Hugo Voters Packet available without waiting, and for all interested, not just those who are members of DisCon III.

And I have to say, this is what fan writing is all about. 

She's included reviews of current media (The Mandalorian, Rogue One, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard) from the perspective of a knowledgeable and thoughtful fan, commentary on the CoNZealand Hugo Awards ceremony, "Retro Reviews" of actual and potential Retro Hugo nominees, and a well-argued defense of the importance of the Retro Hugos themselves. 

Also included are some of her contributions to Galactic Journey, a blog and fanzine written from the perspective of sf readers of 55 years ago. It tracks with and comments on what was being published, or shown on tv and at the movies, 55 years prior to the publication date. This means, among other things, reviewing books published 55 years ago as if they had just hit the spinner racks at your local convenience store. It's an interesting exercise, and very well done.

Buhlert can write, and she's thoughtful and opinionated without being aggressive. This is altogether a fine example of what fan writing should be, and it's well worth your time to check it out.

Cora Buhlert is distributing this for free, at the above link, at least as of the date of this review. I'm reviewing it voluntarily.

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