Monday, May 3, 2021

Fugitive Telemetry (The Murderbot Diaries #6), by Martha Wells (author), Kevin R. Free (narrator)

Recorded Books, ISBN 9781980080633, April 2021

Murderbot is living, not exactly happily, on Preservation Station, doing its self-assigned job of protecting Dr. Mensah, when it finds a dead body. It's quickly determined that the person was clearly murdered, and Dr. Mensah wants Murderbot to work with Station Security on the investigation. This pleases neither Murderbot, nor Senior Security Officer Indah, who has still not gotten over her anger at having a rogue SecUnit living free on her station. She tolerates some basic informational assistance from Murderbot, and then tells it she'll call it if they need it.

Murderbot decides to figure out something that is so far still a mystery: who is this person, and if he's not a station resident, how what ship did he arrive on? This leads, inevitably, to Murderbot both uncovering essential information, and getting into a situation which at least temporarily inflames Indah's ire. And yet, she knows that with a murder rate that barely registers, they need Murderbot's skills and resources, especially after what Murderbot has discovered.

This is a really good whodunit novella, with a real danger that Mensah and Murderbot's old enemy, GrayCris Corporation, is behind it, aiming for Mensah. What they find is, of course, more than just a simple murder, and something more alarming than just another attempt on Dr. Mensah's life. Murderbot keeps having its media consumption interrupted by learning about the real ways humans can complicate and destroy each other's lives, and really, if it weren't for its human friends, it would prefer not to.

Just a really good, compelling addition to the Murderbot Diaries. I hope they keep coming!


I bought this audiobook.

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