Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Finna (LitenVerse #1), by Nino Cipri (author)

Tor.com, February 2020

Ava and Jules work at a big box furniture store. They're also in the immediate aftermath of a really painful breakup a few days ago.

This chain, LitenVärld, has a little problem with wormholes occasionally opening up and swallowing customers. They don't make a point of telling employees that, especially not new employees. It cold be bad for the bottom line. They used to have a division, Finna, whose job was to go through the wormhole and retrieve the customer--or the nearest available substitute. The Finna division was disbanded for budgetary reasons, so now the policy is to send the two lowest-paid employees after the customer.

In this store, on this day, that's Ava and Jules, who are currently having difficulty even speaking to each other. But these are the only jobs they have, and the alternative to accepting the assignment is termination.

Into the wormhole they go.

The Finna device they've been given points them toward the missing customer, or that best available substitute, but it's neither quick, nor easy, nor safe. They find a world of carnivorous furniture, a world where LitenVärld is a hive, and they aren't members of the local hive...

And a world where they're dumped into the sea, but a submarine surfaces just in time to save them. It's here that they start to get some answers, and may have found that "best available substitute"--if the woman thinks she has any reason to go with them. Except they went through that hive, and they've brought danger chasing after them. Will they even survive?

Along the way, Ava and Jules learn an awful lot about themselves, each other, the multiverse they live in, and the life choices they've made.

It's a bit crazy, exciting, really interesting. Recommended.

I bought this book.

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