Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Last Move, by Mary Burton (author), Teri Schnaubelt (narrator)

Brilliance Audio, September 2017

Theo Mazur is a Chicago homicide detective who moved to San Antonio, six months ago, to stay near his daughter after his ex-wife moved to a San Antonio law firm. He's called to the site of a death on I-35. This death looks very much like a killing by the serial killer nicknamed the Samaritan.

The problem is, FBI profiler Kate Hayden has already caught the Samaritan. He's locked up, awaiting trial. Has she made a deadly mistake, or is there a copycat at work?

Soon Hayden is back in her hometown of San Antonio, for the first time in years, working with Mazur to track down someone who knows entirely too much about Hayden, her cases, and her personal history.

This is an interesting and complex hunt for a serial killer, and an interesting and complicated working relationship between Hayden and Mazur. Mazur has a complicated, stressed relationship with his ex-wife, and is trying to maintain a solid relationship with his teenage daughter, Elisa. Hayden has a very complicated past and a strained relationship with her brother, a Texas Ranger, and past experiences that drove her to become an FBI profiler.

As they work together to solve the death of the woman shot on I-35, and a second death mimicking a different serial killer Hayden has locked up, Mazur has to keep his personal issues from intruding, while Hayden is forced to confront hers in altogether too much detail. It makes for a really absorbing story, and strong characterization made me care about them and those around them.


I bought this audiobook.

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