Saturday, March 31, 2018

Murder in Cherry Hills (Cozy Cat Caper Mystery #1), by Paige Sleuth (author), Marla Bradeen (narrator)

Marla Bradeen, October 2017

Kat Harper has moved home to Cherry Hills, Washington, and is settling in happily, until she finds her neighbor, Mrs. Tinsdale, murdered. The police detective who turns up to lead the investigation is childhood friend Andrew, who'll be investigating his first murder.

Except, of course, Kat has to investigate, too. Mrs. Tinsdale's cat, Matilda, with no one else to give her a home, moves in with her, and she gets involved with the rescue group Matty came from, and which Mrs. Tinsdale was treasurer for. This puts her in contact with all of the tiny number of people who could even conceivably had any motive to kill the friendly, kindly, older woman.

I like the characters. They're not very deep or complex, but they are likable. Kat also doesn't ignore all common sense and put herself in obvious and predictable danger, which is a plus. Yet it seemed a rather slight story, even for its short length. Enjoyable, but not something that will linger in your mind after you're done reading it.

In addition to that, Paige Sleuth a.k.a. Marla Bradeen reads the audiobook herself, which was perhaps not wise. She's not a bad reader, but she is merely reading aloud. She reminded me more than anything of me and my cousins reading to each other in bed at night, sharing a book in our shared bedroom. Warm memories, but there are better readers out there.

I bought this audiobook.

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