Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dark Witch (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy #1), by Nora Roberts (author), Katherine Kellgren (narrator)

Brilliance Audio, October 2013

Iona Sheehan travels to County Mayo in Ireland, to connect with her family roots--and specifically with the family history of magic and destiny her grandmother has told her.

She quickly connects with her Irish cousins, Branna and Connor O'Dwyer, and finds her grandmother's stories, and her own dreams that have haunted her since childhood, are true. She's a witch--and the vital third member of the triangle needed to confront a lurking danger that has pursued her family for a thousand years.

Iona quickly warms to having a family that embraces her rather than thinking her strange and uninteresting, and learning the use of the magic her grandmother has shown her. Branna has her shop, where she sells the potions and charms whe makes; Connor has his hawks and the forest walk business he runs; it's not long before Iona is working at Boyle McGrath's stable, leading group rides and giving lessons to eager students.

But Iona and her cousins, as well as the handsome and delectable Boyle, his partner Finn, and friend and employee Meara, all know that the lurking threat that goes right back to the beginning of the O'Dwyer family is growing closer. Cavan, or what remains of him after the long-ago confrontations with the dark witch Sorka, their many times great-grandmother, is determined to seize the O'Dwyer magic, combine it with his own, and rule the world.

Iona, the least experienced of the three O'Dwyer cousins, is somehow the lynchpin of the coming confrontation.

Of course, romance is also lurking. Boyle and Iona are deeply attracted but have difficulty staying on the same page. Branna for reasons she won't state explicitly, is convinced she can't have a relationship with Finn. Connor and Meara seem to be almost unaware of each other.

This is the start of a trilogy, and not all of this is resolved in this book. If you like Nora Robert's fantasy romances, though, this is a very satisfying start to the trilogy, with characters that you can love and, sometimes, want to wack upside the head sometimes. The magic is real within the world of the book, but not cost-free, and requires work, discipline, and a willingness to pay the price it imposes.

Very enjoyable.

I bought this audiobook.

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