Monday, January 8, 2018

The Big Meow (Feline Wizrds #3), by Diane Duane

Ebooks Direct, February 2011

In the third story of the feline wizards, Rhiow and her fellow gate technicians face an innocent-seeming problem that proves to be the first manifestation of a major crisis.

The L.A. worldgate keeps moving around and has never spawned another gate, but now it's acting even stranger than usual. Rhiow and her team, the most skilled gate technicians around, head to L.A. to help the feline wizard responsible for that gate. Things get stranger yet, when Hwaith, the wizard responsible for the gate in the 1940s, timeslides forward to ask for their help in his own time. Their current problems are rooted there, and can't be solved without solving Hwaith's problems.

I freely admit that I love Duane's feline wizards. They're pretty convincing intelligent, talking cats, and I love Rhiow in particular. This is an adventure that blends the wizards, the Powers, Native American beliefs and history, and Hollywood of the 1940s. Damon Runyon is a significant character.

It's probably possible to pick up the story here and just go with it. It's even better if you've read previous installments and know the characters and background. Rhiow in particular has some surprises in store, and there are hints that could be the basis of later stories, if Duane chooses to follow that route.


I bought this book.

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