Saturday, January 13, 2018

110 Per¢, by Tony Consiglio

Top Shelf Productions, October 2012 (original publication July 2006)

Three adult women are fans of a boy band, 110 Per. They belong to a club more "mature adult fans" of the band, attend meetings, collect memorabilia, search the internet for pictures.

There's a new album coming out, and a concert in their city.

Laws will be broken. Friendships will shatter. Marriages will crack. Careers may be threatened.

Some, but not all, having been caught up in the mad obsession with celebrity, will regain their footing, with or without giving up the band they love.

The art is definitely not the point, here. It's at the level of a daily comic strip where the point is the ongoing story, not the beautiful art. The focus is on the characters, their relationships, and their often dubious life choices.

It's lightly engaging, a quick read, and has some sharp points that will connect for anyone that has an obsessed fan of a band, singer, or perhaps even sports team in their life. Not wonderful, but enjoyable. I certainly don't regret reading it.

I bought this book.

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