Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gumballs, by Erin Nations

IDW, December 2016

Erin Nations is one of triplet girls--or at least, that's how it appears when the babies are born. As Erin grows, though, Erin starts to realize that girlness just doesn't relate to who Erin is.

Erin is a trans boy. We follow his story as he realizes his true gender identity, and gradually starts to express and assert it. We also meet some of Erin's friends, especially Tobias, who is discovering and asserting his sexual orientation.

The art is colorful, but intentionally simple and direct. It's not a tale filled with angst, but neither is it excessively simplified and dumbed down. It's engaging, and seems to me realistic rather than either overly grim or overly rosy.

A good read.

I bought this book.

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