Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Voice of the Whirlwind (Hardwired), by Walter Jon Williams (author), Don Leslie (narrator)

Blackstone Audio, ISBN 9781433252990, January 2012 (original publication May 1987)

Steward is a clone, the clone of a man who spent years as a member of a military polycorp called Coherent Light. The original, or "alpha," was murdered, and the clone, or "beta," is determined to find out who and why.

Unfortunately, he's been revived with fifteen years of memory missing. Nor is this an accident. It's a deliberate choice his alpha made, and chose not to explain. Steward has a lot of information to recover before he can hope to complete his mission, and every step of the way is dangerous. He's chasing through the solar system, one space habitat after another, and the history he missed includes the arrival of a significantly more advanced alien species known as the Powers.

It's a well-written story, with good plot and good characters, as you'd expect of Walter Jon Williams. Unfortunately, unlike many other Williams works, this one just didn't really connect for me. Not enough that I stopped listening to the audiobook, or that I regret listening to it. It is a good book. If you like cyberpunk, there's a good chance this will work a lot better for you than it does for me.

So I'd say don't rush out and buy it, but if it crosses your path, give it a try.

I bought this audiobook.

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