Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Geekerella, by Ashley Poston (author), Eileen Stevens (narrator), Tristan Morris (narrator)

Blackstone Audio, ISBN 9781455116379, April 2017

Cinderella, with a side dish of The Shop Around the Corner/She Loves Me/You've Got Mail (depending on your generation and movie viewing habits.)

Plus the joy of science fiction fandom and geek culture.

Elle Wittimer isn't just a dedicated fan of cult sci-fi show Starfield; she's also the daughter of two big name fans. Her mom and dad met at a convention, and her father was one of the founders of what's now one of the biggest conventions, Excelsicon. But her mother died, and her father remarried, giving her a stepmother and two stepsisters. Then her father died, too.

And her stepmother turns her into basically a drudge in the household. She's doing all the chores, and to keep alive the dream of an independent future, she works in a food truck, with the daughter of the food truck's owner, a green-haired girl called Sage.

Then one day she finds her parents' costumes in the attic.

The latest Excelsicon is a few weeks away.

And recently she's been texting with what was originally a wrong number, someone trying to reach her deceased father. She's going to get to the convention, and win the cosplay contest.

That's Elle's story.

Darien's story is that he's the teen soap opera star who's been cast as the new Prince Carmindor in the movie reboot of the cult tv series. He doesn't know who Elle is; Elle doesn't know who the guy she's nicknamed Carmindor really is.

If they did know, it would be a little awkward for them that Elle is also the Rebel Gunner blogger who has blogged eloquently about her anger at the fact that some dumb soap opera star has been cast as the heroic Prince Carmindor.

Little does she know that Darien, too, is a true Starfield fan.

As they get closer and closer by text, their separate lives spin further and further out of control.

It's a lot of fun, filled with an understanding and love of fan culture.


I bought this audiobook.

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