Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Woman in Black, by Susan Hill (author), Paul Ansdell (narrator)

Long Barn Books, October 2006

Arthur Kipps is a young lawyer in a law firm in London when the owner of the firm, Mr. Bentley, sends him to the remote English countryside to settle up the affairs of a client, an elderly woman who has just died. Kipps introduces us to the story, many years later, on a Christmas Eve when his stepchildren, now young adults themselves, are telling ghost stories.
 He doesn't want them, or especially his beloved wife, Esme, to hear the story. These are dark and terrible events that changed his life. Indeed, they marred and crippled it for many years.

Hill tells an excellent and atmospheric story. Ansdell reads it in a voice and performance that makes it absolutely gripping. I seriously did not want to stop listening at any point before the end, though practicality intervened. Hill and Ansdell between them made me feel for every single character affected by the ghost, while still feeling compassion for her, too.


I bought this audiobook. 

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