Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Somebody Like You, by Donna Alward

St. Martin's Press, ISBN 9781250092649, February 2017

Laurel Stone has come home to small town Darling, VT, after a failed marriage that still haunts her due to her ex's determination to "remain friends." No one gets a chance to forget that Laurel's husband left her for another man.

Leaving accounting behind her, she has bought the town's defunct garden center and reopened it as the Ladybug Garden Center. She's enjoying it more than she ever did accounting, at least until the morning she comes in and finds it vandalized and the cash register "float" stolen.

And then the cop who comes in response to her call is Aiden Gallegher. She and Aiden have a history, on Laurel would prefer not to revisit. Too bad Aiden is still so attractive!

The summer plays out with Aiden and Laurel walking over the eggshells of their past and their mutual attraction, while Laurel, in her determination to be nice, kind, and civilized, agrees to ex-husband Dan's invitation to attend his wedding to Ryan, the guy he left her for. Oh, and could she supply the flowers for their wedding, and plants for their back yard--the house Dan and Laurel bought together--also?

Meanwhile, the entire town is being plagued by a wave of vandalism and minor break-ins, culminating in an assault on someone Aiden and Laurel both care about.

This is a gently paced sweet romance, with good and decent characters all around. Very pleasant reading. It's not about the plot, but the plot is pretty interesting, too.


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