Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Little Donkey (Frogmorton Farm #1.5), by Jodi Taylor (author), Lucy Price-Lewis (narrator)

Audible Studios, March 2015 (original publication November 2014)

The Vicar really should have known better than to ask to borrow the donkey, Marilyn, from Frogmorton Farm for the Nativity Play.

Jenny Checkland did know it was a mistake, but what else could the Checklands say? The Nativity Play needed a donkey, and there wasn't another available, and Marilyn really is a very pretty little donkey. But this really does unleash chaos, on Frogmorton Farm, and on the parish.

It's the kind of chaos that's great fun to read about, if not so much to be in the midst of. Jenny and the rest of the Checklands are a delight, and there's even a touch of the fantastic thrown in.

The hour or so spent listening or reading won't be wasted!


I believe this was free on Audible when I downloaded it.

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