Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gift of the Unmage (Worldweavers #1), by Alma Alexander (author), Mary Allwright (narrator)

Sky Warrior Book Publishing, March 2016

Galathea Winthrop is the seventh child of a seventh daughter and a seventh son, and she is expected to be a prodigy of a mage. Her birth is front-page news. Everyone awaits the news of her first signs of the great magic that will surely be hers.

Little Thea proves to be a "magidim," i.e., apparently no magic at all. Ars Magica is the only subject she doesn't excel in at school.

Finally, as a teenager, after years of special classes and special teachers, her parents conclude they have no choice. Her father arranges one last "summer camp" of special tutoring, hoping to knock her magic loose at last, and if that doesn't work, she'll have to go to Wandless Academy, the school for those with no magic at all.

"Summer camp" gets moved up to April, and is nothing like what she expected.

When it's done and she returns home, her ideas have changed a lot, along with her feelings about going to Wandless Academy. And what she finds at Wandless brings new revelations.

This is a story of a teenager who has grown up disappointing the impossible expectations all around her, and discovering who she really is. Along the way, she also learns a lot more about her parents, her aunt, and the other adults around her.

It's a good plot, and good character development. I'd love to talk more about the "summer camp" experience, but what I'd say would be spoilerific, so I refrain.


I bought this audiobook.

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