Monday, January 30, 2017

Best Left Buried (A Darcy & Flora Cozy Mystery #3), by Blanche Day Manos (author), Barbara Burgess (author), Michelle Babb (narrator)

Pen-L Publishing, May 2016

Darcy Campbell and her mother, Flora Tucker, have finally started the work of building Flora's new house on the land left her by her mother--Darcy's Granny Grace. Both women know that Flora was adopted, but this fact has never been a concern in the family.

Then safely burying the old dug well on the property, long since replaced by a more modern well, unearths an old package wrapped in sheepskin. What's inside that sheepskin is a gun far too valuable to have just been tossed away casually, and the remains of what appears to be a wedding announcement.
It's a wedding announcement for Granny Grace, to a man other than Flora's father and Darcy's grandfather. It names a man neither of them has ever heard of.

While they both give passing consideration to the possibility that this is a secret they don't need to know, in fact there is no real possibility of either letting go of it. It's just too intriguing and baffling.

And also, as it turns out, dangerous. Someone is after Flora's land, or part of it, and they're prepared to do anything to get it. That unsuspected first marriage might be a hint of bad news, or not. When strangers show up in Levi, some making improbably large offers on the land, and others claiming to be the rightful heirs, Flora and Darcy have a big problem on their hands--especially when people start dying.

The relationships between Flora and Darcy, and between Darcy and the sheriff, continue to grow and develop. As they piece together the mystery of Granny Grace's first marriage, a related mystery emerges: Who was Flora adopted from, anyway?

There's a lot going on, and lots of occasion for Flora and Darcy to wonder if, indeed, they've have been better off if that gun and that marriage announcement had staid buried.


I received this audiobook as a gift from the narrator.

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