Sunday, February 14, 2016

Murder at the Fourth (A Forest Pines Mystery #1), by Duncan Whitehead

Kindle, February 2016

Jenny Pickett is a retired Miami homicide detective, now living in Forest Pines, Montana. She's got a quiet life, her dog Thor is with her, she has friends. It's all good, and even if it is a teensy bit boring, well, she needed to get away from Miami and the events leading to her PTSD and medical retirement.

The police force in Forest Pines consists of Steve Calder, Sheriff, who is handsome, charming, interested, and more than ten years younger. Her closest friends are Evelyn, the bartender at Dave's Bar, and Claire, the town librarian.

Into all this quiet falls a murder. Donald Sands, a local businessman and real estate magnate, is found shot dead on the golf course, at the fourth hole.

The problem is not a lack of suspects; It's a surfeit of them. Donald Sands was an unfaithful husband, a ruthless businessman, and willing to wreck his friends and business associates over money.

Since Forest Pines hasn't seen a murder since forever, Steve asks Jenny to help investigate it.

This part of the story, the main mystery, is decently done, moves along, has interesting characters, and resolves well.

We also get flashbacks to the events leading up to Jenny's retirement. In the end, this turns into a major cliffhanger. Be warned.

Also, content note: The dog dies.

Well done, and I'll be interested in reading more from Whitehead, but...the dog dies.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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