Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cover Reveal -- Finding Me, by Dawn Brazil

Something I rarely do--a cover reveal for an upcoming book, which I will also be reviewing soon. Here's the beautiful front cover:

And here's the full cover:

Finding Me is the first volume in the Finding Me Trilogy, and volumes two and three will be out later this year. (No waiting years to find out what happens!)

Chloe Carmichael already has enough going on in her life, with her mother's controlling behavior extending even to insisting that she date the "right" boy, and laser-like focus on appearances above all. One of her two sisters died last summer, in a stupid accident and since then it's grown even worse. Chloe no longer has the escape of boarding at school with her best friend, but instead has become a commuter. She has also become responsible for overseeing her youngest sister, who is being allowed to begin attending their exclusive private school early, to provide "structure" for her.

She really doesn't need to discover that she has seemingly magical powers, including seeing the future, or to find out that she's not who she thinks she is--and her two sisters, the living one and the dead one, may not be, either.

There's lots of excitement and mystery here, and my review will be coming soon.

Dawn Brazil:

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