Monday, February 22, 2016

Jump Cut (The Ellie Forman Mysteries Book 5), by Libby Fischer Hellmann

The Red Herrings Press, February 2016

Ellie Forman returns after ten years. Her daughter Rachel is grown, and she's been building her career making documentaries and videos--the latest client is major defense contractor Delcroft. She;s produced a great set of promotional videos, to be rolled out over a period of several weeks on their website and social media. Some of the footage was shot at a trade show, where a man named Gregory Parks introduces himself as consultant for Delcroft. Parks turned up in an improbably high number of shots, and Ellie and her production staff cut him out as much as possible.

But not completely.

Delcroft VP Charlotte Hollander seems pleased with the videos--until she notices Gregory Parks. Then she becomes angry, calls Ellie's work unprofessional, and cancels the project. Ellie arranges to meet with Parks, trying to find out why, but he falls--or is pushed--onto the railroad tracks in front of s subway train, and is killed.

It's not long before Ellie realizes she's stepped into something much bigger and more dangerous than she could have imagined. Armed only with a thumb drive Parks dropped, she starts asking questions and attracting dangerous attention.

This is an enjoyable book with a nicely intricate mystery. Sometimes, though I got frustrated with Ellie, sometimes rushing in with apparent naivete about how dangerous what she's doing is; sometimes seeming to think that if she can only hand over the thumb drive to the right person, she'll be out of it and safe. This was a definite weakness in the story.

Despite that, I like Ellie, Luke, and their friends, and I'll be interested to read more of Ellie's adventures.

Recommended as light entertainment.

I received a free electronic galley from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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