Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Liar, by Nora Roberts

Penguin Group, ISBN 9780399170867, April 2015

Shelby Foxworth is a young widow with a three-year-old daughter, who has spent the months since her husband's death discovering the extent to which he lied to her. The lavish lifestyle she thought was paid for by the income from the business he never discussed has left her deeply in debt. He never made payments on the huge and expensively furnished house he moved her into a few months ago. The jewels he gave her are mostly fakes. Nice fakes, but fakes. And a key she finds in a pocket in one of his jackets is the key to a safe deposit box, in which she finds a good deal of cash, but  also multiple other IDs for the man she knew as "Richard Foxworth."

Shelby takes her daughter and goes home from Philadelphia to Rendezvous Ridge, Tennessee, and goes to work rebuilding her ties to family and friends, paying off her inherited debt, and regaining her own confidence in herself. She also meets Griffin Lott, a new arrival in Rendezvous Ridge, business partner of her friend Emma Kate's boyfriend Matt.

But Richard's past is stalking her even as she reconstructs her life, and dangerous life he led is about to come crashing down on her, along with more secrets she never suspected.

Shelby is a smart, strong woman, well able to take care of herself once she breaks out of the undermining web Richard had wrapped her in, and Roberts, as she generally does, gives her a real and worthy partner in Griffin. We get a very satisfyingly warm, supportive and only a little meddlesome family in the Pomeroys, a family most people would trade major body parts to be a part of.


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I received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

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