Thursday, March 12, 2015

Paw Enforcement (K9 #1), by Diane Kelly (author), Coleen Marlo (narrator)

Tantor Audio, September 2014 (original publication June 2014)

Police officer Megan Luz has an anger management problem, and takes inappropriately direct measures when reacting to the latest sexist garbage from her partner. The fact that Derek Mackey, a.k.a. The Big Dick, really did have it coming is the only reason she still has a job and isn't facing charges.

She does have a new partner, though--90 pounds or so of German shepherd named Brigit. Brigit is trained as a drug sniffer and in taking down suspects, and her previous partner has just retired. Megan doesn't want a dog, but she does want her job, and that means she's working--and living--with Brigit. It's a rough partnership at first, but they are beginning to find their footing with each other, when Brigit alerts on something in a trash can at the mall, and Megan finds a bomb. She gets the shoppers moving away from it just seconds before it explodes.

I found it hard to warm to Megan at first. She really does have a bad anger management problem, and she neither likes dogs at first nor has any clue about them. She grows on me, though, as Brigit grows on her, and she on Brigit. There's a nice little mystery as they take part in the search for the bomber, and the beginnings of a romance  with Seth Rutledge, firefighter and bomb squad officer--though Megan is improbably passive in that relationship. She's not passive about anything else, including her determination to make detective, and that piece of the story is a bit hard to take.

But overall, an enjoyable and nicely paced story. A good light read.

I bought this book.

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