Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sound of Rebellion (The Human Division #8), by John Scalzi (author), William Dufris (narrator)

Audible Frontiers, March 2013

Another entry in The Human Division, and this time the focus turns away from the Clarke and her diplomatic "B Team." The stability of the Colonial Union is being challenged, and Colonial Defense forces, normally dedicated to defending the CU against alien enemies, has to put down a local rebellion on one of the CU planets. When they think it's over, a small group of CDF soldiers discover there's a second act, and find themselves prisoners of someone who hasn't accepted the result of the first act. Lieutenant Heather Lee, last met in We Only Need the Heads, wakes up alone, bound, blindfolded, and talking to a disembodied voice. She has no resources except her brain in finding a way to identify her captors and escape from them.

Character development and plot are as tightly bound together as possible in this story, with considerable success. This is also a case where the story is enhanced by listening to the audio version, which William Dufris as usual reads extremely well.


I bought this story.

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