Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hide (Detective D.D. Warren #2), by Lisa Gardner (author), Maggie Meg Reed (narrator)

Books on Tape, ISBN 9781415935507, January 2007

On the grounds of the now-defunct Boston State Mental Hospital, an underground chamber containing the bodies of six young girls is found. One of the bodies has a locket with a name engraved on it--Annabelle Granger.

Annabelle Granger, now living in the North End, building up her own small window treatments business, is not as startled as one might expect by the news of her own death, but she is very alarmed. She's been living in hiding and on the run since the day in 1982 when her parents packed their family belongings into five suitcases, put them in the car, and drove away from their Arlington, MA home forever.

As Boston Detective Sargent D.D. Warren and Mass. State Homicide Detective Bobby Dodge try to identify their six victims and puzzle out the possible connection to an earlier case, also involving a kidnapped young girl held captive in an underground chamber, Tanya/Annabelle tries to figure out who her father realy was, and why he kept them on the move, changing names and cities every couple of years. Why he started, when she was just seven years old, schooling her in the basics of self-protection and self-defense, of evading and resisting possible kidnappers.

And the more she learns, the more confused and alarmed she becomes. Was her father the loving, protective parent she remembers, or was he someone else, someone much scarier?

This is a very tightly plotted mystery, keeping the reader guessing all the way, sharing Annabelle's confusion and bewilderment, and the frustration of Bobby Dodge and D.D. Warren as they attempt to find the killer. I was on the edge of my seat all through the story. Character development is also excellent, especially for Annabelle and Bobby Dodge, but also for lesser characters, including Charlie Martin, as well as the parents of Annabelle's girlhood best friend.


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I borrowed this book from the library.

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