Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kamali is Accepting Applications to be His Forever Family

Kamali and I attended an adoption event together this afternoon, and I took the opportunity to discuss his interests and career plans with him. He told me that his greatest ambition is to be a lapdog for someone in need of lots of cuddling and love. He's willing to watch tv with you, or provide extra warmth and comfort while you read. As any good, responsible dog should, he says he would be happy to walk his person several times a day.

Kamali also expressed an interest in learning tricks, believing it would be good mental and physical exercise for him and his person.

I have to say, Kamali shows real talent in the cuddle-bug department. He stayed close except when there was someone else available to suck up to meet, leaned into me for pets and scritches, and gave kisses readily. He also has a fantastic smile. He's a Pomeranian/long-hair Chihuahua mix, and is cute as a button.

Kamali is staying at the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH, while awaiting the person worthy of receiving his paw in petship.

The basics:

Animal ID14248704 
BreedPomeranian/Chihuahua, Long Coat 
Age4 years 
SiteSalem Animal Rescue League 
LocationBernard's Place 
Intake Date10/8/2011 
Adoption Price$275.00 

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