Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at SARL-NH

On Saturday, I took Addy to the Salem Animal Rescue League Halloween party. Snow had not been part of the original plan, but with a major nor'easter forecast for Saturday, SARL thoughtfully provided a tent. There were treats for the puppers and for the humans, too. We were all greeted by SARL's mascot, Rocky. Many of the dogs and some of the people came in costume, and of course, there was a costume contest for the dogs.

Addy entered as a Chinese Dragon Dog, part of the team that helped protect villages, and of course there was a Hot Dog.

Sam the Shih Tzu upheld Shih Tzu tradition by coming as a detective--in disguise as a girl!

Pepper came as a ladybug.

We had a Soldier Dog!

And a Fire Dog!

We had a World War II flying ace!

Merlin came as a Mummy.

Abby the Yorkie came as a Patriots cheerleader. Her mom, who is also Lis with an "s", and I have a running joke that we are identical twins and people can't tell us apart because our names are identical. We were moderately spooked to realize we both have fluffy, hair-coat dogs with names that sound the same if you say them too quickly.

We had another Ladybug, too.

Here's a better look at Abby's costume.

Addy wisely invested time in making friends with anyone who might influence the judging.

And it paid off! The winners:

Addy: Most Original
Abby: Most Like Owner
Fire Dog: Best Overall
Merlin: Spookiest

And at the end of the day, my Chinese Dragon Dog took a well-deserved nap while the closed in on northeast Massachusetts.

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