Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birds of a Feather, by Jacqueline Winspear (author); Kim Hicks (narrator)

Sound Library, ISBN 9780792736653, June 2005

Maisie Dobbs' business is now thriving, with a better office, a reliable flow of clients, and Billy Beale now employed as her assistant. A new case has just come in. Three of Charlotte Waite's friends have died violent deaths recently, two of them murdered and one an apparent suicide. Charlotte has fled her father's house after a quarrel over these deaths, and he wants her found and returned home. Mr. Waite is a controlling, domineering man, but he's genuinely concerned about her safety.

As Maisie investigates this case, she's juggling problems in her own life. Her relationship with her father has become difficult, to the great pain of both of them, as she nears the age her mother was when she died, and looks more and more like her. Maisie also has her own buried resentment over the fact that he sent her to Lady Rowan after her mother's death--even though he did it for her good and it has made possible her current life and career. She's feeling guilty over this unfair resentment, and that guilt is compounded when word arrives that Frankie has had an accident working with one of the horses, and has both a head injury and a broken leg.

If that weren't enough, Billy's war injuries are causing him new trouble.

As Maisie juggles these problems, she's also investigating the three deaths and looking for Charlotte, which means revisiting the war and learning about one of the nastier home front developments she missed by being in France, the Order of the White Feather.

All our friends from the first volume--Maisie, Billy, Frankie, Lady Rowan, and Maurice Blanche, are back again, and there's even a hint of romance for Maisie, with not one but two smart, interesting, attractive men asking her out. This is another fun, enjoyable outing, with just enough substance to add to the pleasure.


I borrowed this book from a friend.

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