Sunday, February 26, 2023

Laziness Does Not Exist, by Devon Price (author), Em Grosland (narrator)

Simon & Schuster Audio, ISBN 9781797120591, January 2021

Devon Price is a social psychologist with a strong emphasis on the practical--what works for individuals, and the importance of recognizing and respecting self-care and your own values.

In this book, their emphasis is on the importance on not valuing yourself solely on your productivity for others. If you are struggling to make deadlines, always exhausted, and on the edge of burning out, you're probably doing something wrong. And the problem isn't "laziness." It's defining your value by how productive you are for others, while setting your own needs, and often health, aside.

Price takes an in-depth, compassionate look at that the situations in which employers, family, friends, and the people themselves call someone lazy, the different things that may really be going on, and how to start setting healthy boundaries, addressing whatever real issues there are, and becoming a happier, healthier person. This includes their own experience with getting the flu, ignoring it because they had work obligations including writing their thesis, and staying sick for a year because they never  slowed down to let themself recover. Other cases, of other people with different challenges but the same basic problem--working too hard to have time to address other important things in their lives because we live in a society which values us by our productivity at work--offer different perspectives, different situations, and different approaches to getting life back under control and getting healthy and happy again.

This is such a good book. I both enjoyed it, and found it very helpful.

The narrator is also excellent.

I bought this audiobook.

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