Friday, October 14, 2022

Inconstant Moon, by Larry Niven (author), Bronson Pinchot (narrator)


Blackstone Publishing, ISBN 9781538453490, September 2017 (original publication June 1971)

Stan, a science writer, and his girlfriend Leslie, a computer programmer, each independently realize that the sun has apparently gone nova. They're in California, on the night side of Earth when it happens, and they have only a few hours until the planet turns enough that they experience it first hand. They decide that they are going to enjoy their last night on Earth.

Most of the people they encounter in the first couple of hours are just enjoying the unusual brightness and beauty of the Moon, but gradually the truth starts to sink in.

Or what might be the truth. Gradually, Stan starts to realize that he and Leslie might be alive tomorrow, and have to deal with the worst disaster in the history of the world.

Along the way, Stan and Leslie have to make choices, and they are each surprised by some of each other's choices.  There's conflict as well as mutual support, as they each learn things they never knew about each other. They're both strong characters, individuals with their own viewpoints, skills, and willingness to defend their viewpoints. It's mostly bits of missing tech that reminded me that this story was written in 1971.

A really excellent story, from one of the major figures of science fiction, especially hard science fiction. The narrator also does a very good job, making this an enjoyable listen.


I bought this audiobook.

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