Thursday, October 27, 2022

Alpha and Omega: A Companion Novella to Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega #0.5), by Patricia Briggs (author), Holter Graham (narrator)

Penguin Audio, February 2013 (originally published in On the Prowl anthology, August 2007)

Anna is a werewolf. She was changed without her consent, into a pack where she is a disappointment--a submissive, rather than a female alpha. She's not happy with the rough contemptuous way she's treated, but she can't survive on her own as a werewolf, and she accepts her fate.

At least, until she learns that a newly changed young man has been sold to--someone. Someone who plans to use him as an experimental subject. Anna calls the werewolf king, and tells him what she knows about this crime the leader of her pack has committed. As a result, a dangerous conflict is about to break out.

The werewolf king sends his son and chief enforcer, Charles, and tells Anna to meet him at the airport. It's not long before Charles learns that there's a lot more wrong in the Chicago pack than the terrible betrayal Anna reported, and that Anna herself is far more important than she knows. Anna is the rarest kind of werewolf, not a submissive at all, but an omega.

When the pack leader and some of his high-ranking pack members realize that Charles is looking into the larger problems in the back, suddenly Anna is the target of a killer in the pack.

It's a neat little story, and Charles, Anna, and several others are interesting characters. I enjoyed it.

I bought this audiobook.

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