Wednesday, October 26, 2022

In Defense of the Grim Reaper, by Riya Aarini (author), Glenn Hascall (narrator)

Riya Aarini, September 2022

This is  pretty cute little story, told in first person by the Grim Reaper, trying to set the record straight about what a nice, charming, and forward-thinking guy he is.

He has no friends because his schedule is so demanding, night and day, all year, every year, since the start of eternity He wishes we'd given him a more attractive, colorful uniform, and something better than a skull for a face. He's proud of how efficiently and carefully he does his job; none of the pain of death is due to his handling of your soul. And he doesn't harass or bother us. No texting us updates on his progress to his appointments with us. No, he just shows up at the correct time.

It's not very deep, but it is cute and funny.

Intentionally or not, the narrator's voice isn't as ominous-sounding as I would have liked. Nevertheless, enjoyable.

I bought this audiobook..

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