Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Skyblaze (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #17), by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Pinbeam Books, ISBN 9781935224129, April 2011

Vertu dea'San Clan Wylen, Delm Wylen, is running her clan's taxi agency in Solcintra when the climax of the first part of Clan Korval's direct conflict with the Department of the Interior comes. Vertu signs a contract with some mercs, to transport them to their picnic at a field outside the city, and pick them up again.

Unfortunately for Vertu, the mercs aren't there for a picnic, and the day, which ends in what comes to be called Skyblaze, does not end well for Vertu.

Korval is banished from Liad, and relocates to Surebleak. Vertu, in the end, is given the choice of death or banishment, and heads for Surebleak, too--where she struggles with the climate, which is to say the cold, the lack of any clan and the slow process of forming new connections, and looking for work. And of course, Surebleak isn't completely adjusted to the new ways of Boss Conrad (Pat Rin yos'Phelium), the Road Boss (Val Con and Mira), Clan Korval as a whole, and quite a few other Liaden and Scouts now settling on Surebleak. Vertu, along with making new friends, also becomes a target for new enemies, who don't want to give up their old ways.

It's a steep learning curve for Vertu, while the Surebleakers learn to cope with her, too.

There's a fair amount of action, some culture clash, and as always, great characters that are fun to get to know.

I bought this book.

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