Tuesday, December 14, 2021

At the Reunion Buffet (Isabel Dalhousie #10.5), by Alexander McCall Smith

Vintage, May 2015

Isabel Dalhousie has agreed to host a party as the opening event of her high school reunion. Most of these people she hasn't seen in twenty years, and Jamie's opinion on reunions can be summarized as "if these people were important in one's life, you'd be in regular touch with them." Not that he'd ever say anything that harsh! But Isabel has agreed, and the plans are in place. The party is being catered, so Jamie doesn't even have to cook.

The recurring themes in this novella are about identity. Are we still the same people in our thirties that we were at sixteen or seventeen? Can people really change? In this gathering of former classmates, the salient cases are the woman who was previously the "boy crazy" girl, and the woman whom many of Isabel's classmates remember as a terrible bully.

And, does it matter if the woman who shows up to apologize for the past bullying is really the former bully, or her younger sister?

It's a compelling yet gentle story, featuring the kindness of both Isabel and Jamie.


I bought this novella.

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