Monday, August 24, 2020

Stuck, by Chris Grabenstein (author), Mark Sanderlin (narrator), Elizabeth Hess (narrator), Oliver Wyman (narrator), Farah Bala (narrator), Rita Wolf (narrator), Caroline Grogan (narrator), Cynthia Darlow(narrator, Mateo D'Amato (narrator), J.J. Myers (narrator), Neil Hellegers (narrator), Genesis Oliver(narrator), Chris Grabenstein (narrator)

Audible Originals, May 2020

Jackson Raczkowski, eleven years old, is not quite looking forward to turning twelve. Turning twelve means going to sixth grade, and middle school, where his personal bully, Brandon, will be there to torment him. On his grandfather's birthday, August 8, the day before his own, he wishes to never turn twelve, to remain eleven forever and never move on to middle school.

On the next day, his own birthday, he finds that he has, for the second time, just turned eleven.
He's startled to find that his friends have turned twelve and are going to middle school--he really didn't think this thing through--but initially, not being at middle school with Brandon, and repeating fifth grade, with everything getting easier and easier, seems to have its advantages. But as the years pass, his little sister becomes his older sister, his beloved grandfather gets older and frailer, and fifth grade gets boring instead of fun.

Oh, and Brandon's younger brother, Evan, catches up with him and is now also in fifth grade.

And despite himself, Jackson is starting to grow up, mentally and emotionally, even if not physically.

It's an interesting look at what having your wishes come true might really be like. Jackson is a likable kid, and is he's a bit selfish, it's a normal kid kind of selfish, and he has no bad intentions. He just as some things to learn about life. He learns those things a bit differently than most of us.

It's an enjoyable book, Recommended.

I got this audiobook as part of Audible's Audible Originals program, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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