Sunday, August 23, 2020

Raspberry Truffle Murder (Maple Hills #1), by Wendy Meadows (author), Becky Boyd (narrator)

Majestic Owl Publishing, March 2017 (original publication June 2016)

After a painful divorce, Nikki has left her job as an investigative reporter, moved from Atlanta to Vermont, and opened a chocolate and coffee shop in the small town of Maple Hills, VT. Why Vermont? Well, she needed a change, and a small town in Vermont, in addition to being pretty, is certainly a change from Atlanta.

It's too bad that she's hardly opened her new shop for business when a man walks in, looks around and focuses on the older German couple she's speaking with, and walks out. No big deal, one might think. However, just moments later, Herb, husband of her assistant, Lydia, walks in with shocking news.There's been a hit-and-run, and the man who was just, briefly, in her shop, is dead.
He was also the former owner of the town newspaper, who had run poisonous articles about many of the well-off in the little community. Lots of people had reason to want him dead. And after some thought, Nikki thinks that perhaps they'd like a scapegoat not from their community. Or maybe, my theory, the ex-investigative reporter can't pass up the opportunity to do her thing. At any rate, she's soon investigating the dead man and his various targets. Along the way, she's soon meeting more of the locals, making both friends and enemies.

This is a light, quick, enjoyable story, without a lot of depth. For those looking for the "cozy plus food" the title suggests, might be disappointed to find there is no raspberry truffle, and certainly no recipes. I liked the characters--Nikki, Lydia, police detective Hawk Daley, and others along the way.

I bought this audiobook.

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