Friday, July 17, 2020

With This Click, I Thee Wed ( #1), by Bonnie R. Paulson (author), Nicole Marie Blessing (narrator)

Captiva Publishing, April 2018

Rachel is living in the Ohio small town she grew up in, divorced from rising politician Derek, and living with her parents, who at best regard her as then unwanted, unexpected third child they never intended to have. Because Derek is making this a choice between him and her, for everyone, everyone is dropping her, including her hairdresser. 

But lonely and drinking on New Year's Eve, she sees an ad for a website, "," and decides to give it a try. The survey is easy and fun, and she is offered two possible matches, and chooses one... Before she realizes it, she's committed herself, clicked "I do," and spent a couple thousand dollars she doesn't really have. And the only way to get that money back is to head off to Idaho, stick it out six months, and complete the tasks assigned by the website.
Logan is a rancher, or rather, he has inherited his parents' ranch, and decided he's going to make it work and become a paying operation. He's lonely too, and he also finds the website and succumbs to its fun initial approach, and finds himself accepting Rachel when she picks him from the two matches she's offered.

But neither of them really made a sober, well-thought-out decision to do this, and they're both confused and flailing a bit. They both have debts they have to pay off or lose everything. They're both afraid of getting attached and then getting hurt if the other one isn't equally attached.

Rachel is a professional organizer, who is able to do a lot of her work remotely. Because we meet her on New Year's Eve, we don't see her at work until she's in Idaho, on Logan's ranch, and in his house filled with the antiques and collectibles his hoarder-inclined parents left behind when they died in a car crash.

Because they're both so cautious, having been burned in the past, Rachel and Logan don't start to really get to know each other until they start doing the tasks the ClickandWed service sets for them.

This is light, and fun, and I enjoyed it.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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