Monday, July 27, 2020

Heavenly Temptation, by Becca Fisher (author), Stephanie Richardson (narrator)

Kevin MacGorman, January 2020

Allison Kaufman is the younger sister of Abigail, who not long ago left Lancaster and Amish country for Philadelphia, and marriage to a kind, loving, devout, upright--Englisher. Her father didn't handle it well, and still isn't. Abigail was his favorite, and was supposed to take over the family quilt shop.

Allison is still at home, and is still the second daughter, not the oldest and the favorite. After trying to control every decision Abigail made, Samuel barely has time to notice what his second daughter is doing.

Allison is also far more committed to the Amish way of life.
When the handsome, kind, devout Englisher, Lucas, comes into the quilt shop to buy quilts for his aunt's hotel, Allison is immediately attracted to him--and he to her. But what will another daughter marrying an Englisher do to her family? Would Lucas even consider becoming Amish?

This is another sweet, charming story about good people looking for love and a happy ending. Lucas, Allison, and her mother, Emma, are all likable characters.

I received this audiobook free from the publisher, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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