Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Greatest Host, by Ray Jay Perreault (author), Christopher M. Allport (narrator)

Ray Jay Perreault, January 2016

The Mists are microscopic creatures that exist in a cloud, and seek suitable hosts to occupy and live with. They're benign; they live in harmony with their hosts. Unfortunately, their last planet got bombarded by meteors that rendered it uninhabitable. The Mists had to leave, and seek a new, safer planet with suitable hosts.

The Mists reach a planet that has life, the right kind of life, and is much safer from massive meteor bombardment from space. Now, can they find a good species to be their hosts?

They want an animal that's smart enough to have the brain space the Mists need for their own activities, but not so smart that the Mists will disturb the host with their detectable presence. They want a social animal, because it's much easier for both themselves and the host animals if they can spread out over a number of them while remaining relatively close--herd animals are great for that, but it's not the only possibility.

I really don't want to say any more than that. The Mists are likable, thoughtful, considerate of their hosts. It would be fun to talk to them about some of the planets they've lived on. It's a very enjoyable, gentle story, and I think you'll be charmed by the host they find.

I believe I got this audio short story free from the author. In any case, I'm reviewing it voluntarily.

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