Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Act One (What Doesn't Kill You #0.5), by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

SkipJack Publishing, April 2017

This is a prequel to the "What Doesn't Kill You" mystery series. Katie, Emily, and Michele attend a dinner mystery theater performance that's part of a law school reunion. Unfortunately, the performance ends abruptly with a real murder on stage before the end of Act One.

We also meet the actors, including Maggie, Becky, and Ava, who have more than enough conflict amongst them to spark a murder.

Laura is on a stopover between races, attending on tickets given to her by a grateful racehorse owner.

They all cross paths, sparking connections and conflicts. There's a lot going on, and none of them can keep track of it all.

It's fast-paced and engaging, and gives a look at the sleuths of "What Doesn't Kill You" before they were sleuths.

Worth a listen, especially if you enjoy the series.

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