Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Buried Deep, by Margo Hunt (author), Therese Plummer (narrator)

Audible Original, December 2019

Maggie Cabot is chatting on the phone with her daughter, now in college, and planning her husband James' 50th birthday, when two police detectives show up at their door.

Twenty-five years ago, Hannah Nilsson disappeared while on a camping trip with friends, in the Florida Keys. Her body was never found, and she was assumed to have drowned when she went off on her own to swim at night. Maggie and James didn't even meet till several years later. Now her body has been found, buried deep enough that it wasn't found until development began on a new building. It's not clear how she did die, but she didn't drown,and she didn't wind up buried that deep by accident.

One of the friends on that trip was James Cabot.

With the police seemingly all too willing to settle on James Cabot, who had been dating Hannah, as the obvious suspect, Maggie sets out on her own quest to find the real killer, or at least, to find something that will give the police another direction to look in. This means talking to the other people present on that trip, starting with the ones they're still in contact with, and then the others no longer part of James' circle of friends.

Along the way she learns a lot about James, his friends, and even herself.

This is a story about character, and the development and revelation of character is handled very well. In fairly short space, we get a picture of the complexities of the characters, and the good and the bad that runs through each of them.


I bought this audiobook.

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