Friday, November 2, 2018

The Consuming Fire (The Interdependency #2), by John Scalzi (author), Wil Wheaton (narrator)

Audible Studios, October 2018

The Empire of the Interdependency is going to collapse, because the Flow network that allows travel among its 47 star systems is collapsing. Emperox Grayland II, a.k.a. Cardenia Wu-Patrick, is determined to save as much of humanity as possible--though it seems that might be a very tiny percentage. In all the 47 systems of the Interdependency, only one planet, End, can support human life living unprotected on its surface.

Unfortunately, of the leadership, both political and commercial, of the Interdependency doesn't believe that the Flow network is collapsing. Even with the Flow from End having already closed, no one wants to believe it. End, after all, is just a minor backwater...

Grayland is working with the allies she does have, including Flow physicist Lord Marce Claremont, some of her staff, the computer-stored avatars of her predecessors, some leaders of the Church of the Interdependency, of which she is the nominal head, and even some among the Interdependency military and more foresighted or open-minded members of the Great Houses.

In this second volume, Grayland and her allies are encountering unexpected changes, developments they did not anticipate, and even some startling discoveries about the history of pre-Interdependency humanity. This fictional universe grows more complex, detailed, and lived-in.

I like these characters. The pace moves, and the plot is involving and draws me in. Wil Wheaton is once again the narrator of the audiobook, and as always does an excellent job.

Highly recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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