Saturday, November 10, 2018

Must Love Mistletoe (Alaska Sunrise Romances #3), by Melissa Storm (author), Ann Richardson (narrator)

Partridge & Pear Publishing, January 2018

Seattle realtor Riley McKinley is not thrilled when, a few days before Christmas, the day her Christmas holiday is to start, her biggest client asks her to go to Alaska to help he with a deal there--immediately. But he is her biggest client, it's a potentially career-making deal, and she likes him. So she flies up to Alaska.

When she arrives, she's met by Sebastian Rockwell. He's the winter sports coordinator for the resort chain that Riley's client wants to buy one currently-inactive location from. Sebastian is the last unmarried son of a match-making mama, and he dislikes Christmas as much as his mother and the rest of the family love it. He was happy to take the extra hours to be the tour guide for Riley and her client, when asked.
When they reach the lodge, they're surprised that the client isn't there yet, but they get settled in, eat supper, and make plans for a snowmobile ride early the next day, expecting that Riley's client and Sebastian's boss will arrive before noon. Their mutual attraction contends with their very different attitudes toward Christmas, and there is lively banter on the snowmobile ride, right up until they are caught in an avalanche.

Riley is smart, capable, and tough, but she doesn't have Sebastian's avalanche training. He's the one who has to keep them alive until they can be rescued.

If they are found in time to be rescued.

The story is overall light and fun, despite the avalanche and the fact that they really have no idea whether they'll be found in time. The characters are likable, for the most part. There's not a lot of depth, here, but, after all, you don't necessarily need a lot of depth in a light, Christmas romance.


I received a free copy of this audiobook from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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