Monday, June 4, 2018

Must Have Faith (Darling Cove #2), by Deborah Garland

Roane Publishing, June 2018

Ten years ago, Gregory Mallory and Faith Copeland very nearly got married. Then something happened, and Faith, a CNN reporter, left Gregory very nearly at the altar, and took a three-year assignment in Iraq.

Faith has been back in New York for seven years, and is now a nighttime executive producer in New York City. She slips in and out of Darling Cove to visit her parents, but tries to avoid seeing anyone else. Especially, she avoids Greg, whom she has never gotten over.

Greg, a police officer who now has twenty years on the Darling Cove police force, hasn't gotten over her, either. But Gwen Mallory, Greg's sister and Faith's best friend, is getting married to Andrew Morgan, and Faith, who had still wanted to dodge the family, has agreed to fill in for the photographer who has left Gwen and Andrew high and dry on short notice.

Greg and Faith are both still hurting, both still in love, and both afraid to take another chance. Faith is also in line for the CNN bureau chief position in London, and Greg will surely never leave Darling Cove.

This is a solid, decently plotted romance with good character development. Both Greg and Faith, not to mention her mother, and his father and sisters, have some learning and growing to do, and it's well handled.

An enjoyable read.

I received an electronic galley from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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