Friday, June 8, 2018

Brody: The Betting Billionaire (Billionaire Cowboys of Clearwater County #3), by Bonnie R. Paulson

Captiva Publishing, June 2018

Kate Mattese is n a tough situation, financially. She had to leave vet tech school when her father lost is job in the economic crash, her mother had to stop working as a nurse due to an injury, and as a result of the confluence of rough blows, they lost their house. Kate and her mom are living in a trailer, and her father is working in the oil fields of North Dakota. He sends money, but less and less, at longer and longer intervals.

Kate is working any jobs she can get to just pay the rent at the trailer park and keep food on the table. With nothing else in sight, she's grateful to see an opening for a dealer at the casino, and goes there to apply.

It has already been filled, and there won't be new openings until the end of the month. She doesn't have enough to wait that long.

As she's leaving, discouraged, she sees a gambler surrounded by, apparently, groupies. He notices her, too, and challenges her to blow on his dice, for luck. He'll pay her $50 for every time she does that and he wins the next bet. It's foolish and a bit embarrassing, but she needs the money. Soon she's holding $200 in chips, ready to be cashed in.

The gambler is Brody Stabler, the more risk-taking of the two Stabler brothers. His brother Trevor is more cautious, and, in the eyes of both Trevor and their mother, more responsible. Yet Brody has his own ideas for the family business, and he wants a chance to try them out.

At this point, while they're both still there at the table, Trevor calls Brody with a challenge. A bet. Find a woman who will fall in love with him in two months' time, to bring with him to Trevor's wedding to Jesse, and he'll support one of Brody's proposed projects. If Brody loses, he'll have to sell out his interest in the family business to Trevor.

Brody in turn proposes a bet to Kate, that she come live at his ranch for two months, and if she doesn't fall for him in that time, he'll pay her $500,000.00.

She's desperate enough that she takes the bet. She's not going to fall in love with someone like Brody, after all, so it's a safe bet.

What could possibly go wrong?

What follows is two people with real family issues getting to know each other, neither fully understanding the other's motives, and both absolutely convinced that the other is just not their type...

Oh, and of course, Brody hasn't told her about his bet with Trevor...

I say again, what could possibly go wrong?

It's an enjoyable romance, not very deep, but fun. I like both Kate and Brody, as well as Kate's mother, and Brody's cook, Duncan.

Recommended for light reading.

I received a free electronic galley from the publisher, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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