Monday, November 14, 2016

Lost Things (Order of the Air #1), by Melissa Scott & Jo Graham

Crossroads Press, ISBN 9781937530037, August 2012

Post-WWI, hermetic magic, lodges, aviation.. Lewis Sugura is an aviator who, in the late twenties, hooks up, or falls in, with a small commercial aviation company who, it turns out, are the surviving members of a lodge. He's always had strange dreams; he's long known that some of them seem to be "true dreams;" they foreshadow things that he will really encounter later.

One of those dreams led him to Alma Gilchrist, pilot, widow of Gil Gilchrist, part owner of Gilchrist Aviation. He doesn't at first know that she, fellow pilot Mitchell Sorley, and their friend Dr. Jerry Ballard, are the surviving members of a lodge of which Gil was Magister.

What he finds out, when he's told Alma enough about his dreams, is that he's a powerful clairvoyant. The next challenge will be the mutual decision as to whether he will become part of their lodge.

Meanwhile, Jerry Ballard has been presented with a little mystery----a recovered Roman tablet which he is offered an absurd amount of money to translate, by a member of another lodge. This is despite the availability of two other people in that lodge who should be able to translate it, without the absurd fee.

Jerry's puzzle is enough of a puzzle that they decide they can neither ignore it nor send Jerry out to Los Angeles on his own. They fly there together, and Lewis starts getting an education in what the business of the lodge is, while Alma, Jerry, and Mitch become more and more alarmed. Some of Lewis's recent dreams are rather directly on point.

And, good Catholic boy that he is, he needs to come to terms with the fact that he's apparently getting messages from the goddess Diana.

When they discover they're facing a demon, they set off on a chase from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York to Europe.

It's an exciting adventure, and a very convincing the early 1930s and early aviation. And it's just a lot of fun.


I bought this book.

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