Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Between Two Thorns (Split Worlds #1), by Emma Newman

Angry Robot on Brilliance Audio, February 2013

Sam was just seeking a sufficiently private place to relieve himself after getting excessively drunk after work because his wife was working late again. Instead, he witnesses a body being carried out of the Museum, and becomes entirely too interesting to some of the Fae-touched who want to keep him quiet.

Cathy was just trying to remain out of sight of the Fae and her Fae-touched family so she can continue her university studies in Mundanus. Instead she's trapped and brought home by her brother Tom, and informed that she's now betrothed to William.

William has his own ideas, including a preference for Cathy's sister Elizabeth initially, and then for new arrival in Aquae Sulis, Amerlia.

And with the Fae having little interest in humans except to show off their own power, and the Great Families among the Fae-touched (including Cathy's and William's) being mostly almost as sociopathic as the Fae, surely nothing can go wrong, right?

The story unfolds slowly, in intriguing layers. What seems simple at first is revealed as tangled and complicated. Newman's language and style match the story beautifully, and the Split Worlds, Mundanus, Exilium, and the Nether, the land in between where the Fae-touched live, is an interesting take on the relations between Fae and humans.


I bought this book.

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