Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Touch & Go (Tessa Leoni #2), by Lisa Gardner (author), Elisabeth Rodgers (narrator)

Brilliance Audio, February 2013

Libby and Justin Denbe have been married for eighteen years, and have a beautiful fifteen-year-old daughter, Ashlyn. Justin runs the construction company his father built, and has grown it to a $100,000,000 company. Libby is a successful jewelry designer.

They have it all.

Or it looks like they do.

For the last six months, Libby and Justin have been struggling with the aftermath of Libby discovering Justin had been having an affair. They go out for a Friday night date night as part of their effort to rebuild the marriage--and come home to a team of very professional kidnappers.

The Denbe family is quietly and efficiently carried off to a brand-new, but mothballed, prison in northern New Hampshire. It's no coincidence that it's a prison Justin's company built. D.D Warren is one of the Boston detectives that responds to the scene of the kidnapping, but it's not long before Justin's GPS device--separated from Justin--is found by NH Sheriff's forces. That makes it definitely a federal case, and the FBI takes over. The NH sheriff responsible for the area where the GPS tracker was found, Wyatt Foster, is assisting because it's now clear that the Denbes are somewhere in his territory. Also involved is ex-Massachusetts state trooper Tessa Leoni, retained by Denbe Construction to find their CEO. Aside from the standard tensions between local police and the FBI, and between law enforcement and private investigators. this ad hoc team has a few extra issues. Wyatt and the lead FBI agent Nicole Adams were lovers, and now aren't. Tessa left the Massachusetts state police after the horrifically painful episode in which her husband disappeared and their child, Sophie, was kidnapped. Tessa found and recovered Sophie, but broke some rules in doing so, and is suspected of having shot her husband.

So law enforcement has its doubts about her. Tessa's only concern now is giving her daughter a stable, secure home, and being a PI  with Northridge Security pays better and has more regular hours.

This is an interesting crew, and both compete and cooperate in trying to untangle what proves to be a very tangled case.

Whoever took the Denbes had an override code for the Denbes' high-end home security system, and so had to be an insider or get the information from someone who is--someone the Denbes know and trust. Someone has also been embezzling funds from Denbe Construction--for sixteen years. The COO started at the company as Justin's father's secretary--and her youngest son is Justin's half-brother.

And this is a small fraction of the secrets and lies within the Denbe inner circle.

Meanwhile, the Denbes are in that prison Justin built, held by three ex-military men, one of whom is a dangerous kind of crazy. The brains behind the operation has giving orders that Libby and Ashlyn are not to be harmed, but Mick is proving hard to control.

This really did keep me guessing nearly to the very end. The characters are legitimately complicated and interesting, and the plot is really intricate.


I bought this book.

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