Thursday, June 2, 2016

Double Back (Georgia Davis #2), by Libby Fischer Hellmann (author), Eva Kaminsky (narrator)

The Red Herring Press, May 2016 (original publication 2009)

Videographer Elly Forman is asked by her friend Susan to help a neighbor, Chris Messenger, whose daughter has been kidnapped. Elly, knowing she doesn't have the knowledge and experience to help, calls in P.I. Georgia Davis.

And Georgia says what Elly first said: Even though they told you not to call the police, call the police. Having persuaded Chris Messenger to turn to the police, she walks away from the case.

A few days later, Molly Messenger is returned, and the police are strangely silent about how they cracked this big case so quickly. When the next thing Georgia hears about it is a panicked call for help from Chris because another executive at the bank where she's a VP has died in a car she's convinced is murder, Georgia knows there's something much stranger going on.

Georgia and Elly, separately and together, get drawn in to figuring out what that is.

Chris apparently embezzled money to cover the ransom demand for Molly before Molly was ever kidnapped, which makes no sense. As they continue to dig to find out what really happened, they discover that some very, very dangerous people are involved--and Georgia finds herself in Arizona, talking to rightwing militia as well as people smuggling undocumented workers.

Oh, and dodging bullets.

It's intricate and fast-paced, and a great beach read.


I received a free copy of the audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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